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Ed Hardy - Japanese

Ed Hardy art isn't just for clothes and shoes. Make your dorm your own

Posters are to dorms as..... exams are to stress, spring break is to fun and college is to freedom. It is rarely a room that doesn't at least have one poster up, after all you have to do something about those cinder block walls. It sounds funny to say a poster is decor, but the reality is a poster or series of posters helps make a room you. It makes your cookie cutter dorm room unique.

When hanging up your posters we recommend trying our Glue Dots or our Dorm Tape. We also have a College Survival Kit that helps you keep your posters on the wall too. Avoid your traditional tapes as they don't last and your posters will certainly hit the floor after a month or so.

Dimensions: "24 x 36"

regular price: $8.96 sale price: $6.49
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